23 March 2017

PVRI evolves strategy to reduce global burden of PVD in the next two decades


From left to right: Paul Hassoun, Paul Corris, Sheila G Haworth, Stuart Rich, Bert van den Bergh, Ardeschir Ghofrani, Aaron Shefras, Stephanie Barwick, Gérald Simonneau, Martin Wilkins, Nick Morrell

Why did we hold a strategy day?

Every company has to determine goals and objectives for the future. We decided to hold a strategy day to agree on our future direction and set objectives for the next 3-5 years.

Who attended?

Most of the current PVRI Board of Directors attended the day, who are also the key stakeholders in the field of PVD. Andrea Sobrio, of Executive Insight did a masterful job facilitating the sessions. 

Our goals

pvri priorities page.jpg

Will this affect membership?

We want to increase our membership globally, whilst recognising that we must offer member clear benefits that are of value. We will carry out a membership survey to better understand how we can encourage dialogue between senior and emerging scientists and clinicians and identify professional opportunities.

Can members help us achieve these goals?

The PVRI is its membership! We are a global collaboration of like-minded people and without our members, there wouldn’t be a PVRI. We can only achieve our vision through them, so creating a platform where individual members can better participate in our mission for the future and get proactively involved is very important to us.

Will we hear about developments of these goals?

An update on progress will be published in our quarterly online newsletters.

We would like to thank Andrea Sobrio, our facilitator, for his excellent guidance and inspiration.


bert and andrea.jpg

Bert van den Bergh with the strategy day facilitator, Andrea Sobrio

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